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Experience the Extraordinary with Abram in Africa

Born and raised in the breathtaking landscapes of the Greater Kruger area, Abram Johannes Knoetze developed an unbreakable bond with the wilderness of Southern Africa from an early age. Today, as the owner of Abram In Africa, Abram specializes in curating unforgettable small boutique tours to the hidden gems of this remarkable region.

Join Abram on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where every moment is crafted to create an experience of a lifetime. With his intimate knowledge of Southern Africa’s best-kept secrets and a passion for showcasing its wonders, he invites you to discover the true essence of this awe-inspiring continent.

Embark on an adventure where every detail is thoughtfully designed to immerse you in the magic of Southern Africa. Traverse untouched landscapes, encounter captivating wildlife, and connect with the rich cultural heritage that defines this diverse region. From the rugged beauty of the savannahs to the majestic allure of iconic landmarks, Abram in Africa unveils the hidden treasures that will leave you in awe.

With small group sizes, personalized attention, and expert guidance, Abram ensures that each journey is an intimate and immersive experience. Let his love for Africa ignite your own as you explore its untamed beauty, forge unforgettable memories, and awaken a deep appreciation for the wonders of this extraordinary continent.

When you choose Abram in Africa, you choose more than just a tour. You choose an adventure that will touch your soul, expand your horizons, and create a lifelong connection to the wild and captivating heart of Southern Africa. Embark on an experience of a lifetime with Abram and discover the true magic that awaits you in this remarkable corner of the world.


Extraordinary Experiences

Unveiling Hidden Beauties of Southern Africa. With 15+ years of experience managing lodges and wildlife concessions, Abram in Africa takes you off the beaten path. Discover the untouched wonders of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, avoiding typical tourist attractions. Join us for an extraordinary journey through Southern Africa’s hidden beauties.

What Abram in Africa Provides

Tailored Boutique Tours, Hassle-Free Planning. Abram in Africa specializes in small boutique tours, meticulously tailored to meet your expectations and specific needs. Enjoy a stress-free experience as we handle the planning and booking, freeing you from the hassle of organizing your trip. Embark on a journey designed just for you, where every detail is thoughtfully curated.

Custom Itineraries can be created to include any of your favourite Private African Safari destinations.
- Abram Knoetze
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